Siege of Eger

Feature Film

An orphaned peasant raised by nobility leads 2,000 Hungarian men, women and children to victory against impossible odds after being surrounded during the historic Siege of Eger in 1552, ultimately killing over half of the 70,000 enemy troops and saving Europe from an Ottoman invasion.

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The Legend of
St. Nick

Book & Feature Film

Nicholas, a Lycian priest in 343 AD, pursues a legendary child-hunting satyr named Krampus into the depths of Hades and sacrifices his own life to save the souls of hundreds of children... who become his elves when he is resurrected as the Santa Claus!

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Touch of the
Master's Hand

Short Film

As an elderly couple watches the last vestige of their hopes and dreams being auctioned off to the thoughtless crowd, an old man takes the battered violin from the auctioneer’s hands. As he plays, the pure, beautiful tones calm their souls… and the Master does His work.

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our story

The Stars of Eger Film Foundation was established in 2016 after it was decided to share the classic story about the Siege of Eger in 1552 with the world. The Foundation’s journey began in 2013, when the first draft of the screenplay entitled Eclipse of the Crescent Moon was completed, based upon the classic Hungarian novel, Egri Csillagok, by Géza Gárdonyi & the historical record provided by the City of Eger.

Currently, the Film Foundation supports several projects in addition to the Eclipse of the Crescent Moon feature film project, including feature films, episodic content for television and new media platforms, and short films. The Foundation’s hope is that new generations will develop an appreciation for the arts and positively contribute to the international community through the telling of uplifting stories.

The Foundation’s aspirations are to bring creative content to the international marketplace that is entertaining, intelligently designed and artistically presented. The Foundation’s goal is to bring about positive change for the culture and the world in which we live by assisting in the development, production and distribution of compelling and inspirational content of the highest quality to the domestic and international marketplaces.

The Foundation’s vision for content is not only quality, but also to create and support a broad range of projects including feature films, short films, documentaries, episodic new-media and television content, as well as literary projects in the forms of novels, blogs, articles, graphic novels and novellas. With numerous projects already in development and concepts yet to be developed, the Foundation will vet projects and maintain a varied slate of supported projects to offer filmmakers opportunities for professional development.

Please visit our Projects page for more information on specific projects.