The Legend of St. Nick

of St. Nick

Nicholas, a Lycian priest in 343 AD, pursues a legendary child-hunting satyr named Krampus into the depths of Hades and sacrifices his own life to save the souls of hundreds of children... who become his elves when he is resurrected as the Santa Claus!


It has been nearly 50 years since Krampus has been seen; he has almost drifted into legend... almost. Although Nicholas has been a faithful priest all of these years, he remains scarred from the loss of his own son. Now that Nicholas is in his latter years, Krampus strikes again and begins taking more naughty children. Nicholas knows he must do something to stop this damnable creature, but what can an old man do?

Nicholas figures out that Krampus has returned after the first child is taken. He avoids the confrontation, knowing that he couldn’t even save his own son. He sails to Constantinople to purchase grain after a fire destroys the only supply of wheat. But as he runs from destiny, he is reminded that Krampus has no power over him.

Upon his return, Nicholas must bring hope to this hopeless community and save the children from evil’s grip. With renewed hope, he rallies the townsfolk and they devise a plan to capture Krampus. After all, he is the shepherd of his flock and now they need him more than ever, but more children get taken and the townsfolk soon loose hope.

Nicholas realizes that he must stop Krampus alone. He pursues Krampus and finds his hidden lair behind the Lycian tombs. There, he discovers the magical portal that leads to Hades and sees hundreds of children enslaved there. He must save them, but a fight with evil always comes at great cost.

Armed with a sense of purpose and the hope to save his son, Nicholas charges through the portal and sacrifices his own life for the sake of the children... or so it seems. Without him realizing it, Mary, his wife, follows him through the portal - their lives about to be forever changed.

With ultimate sacrifice comes new life! The children are reanimated as elves when Nicholas and Mary are resurrected and sent back through the portal. When they emerge through the portal, they find themselves in a wintery wonderland in the North Pole. They soon realize that there is a wonderful destiny awaiting them - and the Legend of St. Nick is born!

Nicholas returns through the portal to his hometown, but not as people expected. On Christmas morning, strangely decorated trees greet the townsfolk as they wake from their slumber with notes from Nicholas and his wife Mary, who remind them of God’s great love for them... and the citizens of Myra experience they mystery of St. Nicholas for the very first time!